At Al Furqan Centre we are solution focused, our community faces many challenges and we tackle them head on. We have many services and programs running from our site including services for our sisters and youth. Our community needs a safe space to grow and flourish in and Al Furqan Centre aims to provide that. 

To move forward as a Muslim community – Al Furqan Centre MUST expand.

Help us expand the masjid

Basement Project

The masjid space is not being used to its full potential! We are currently sitting on a basement with over 10,000 sqft of space which could be utilised to expand the masjid and increase our services for the community. This Ramadan we urgently need to raise £100,000 to facilitate phase 1 of the basement project. 

Your donation will help us begin to build the following: 

£100,000 goal

Total raised: £33,342.19

Donate today to help us reach the goal!

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If you donate you can gain a share in the reward for every act of worship and service the masjid provides!

The most beloved deed to Allah is the most regular and constant even if it were little.” [Bukhari]